Tirau 11 Jul

RIDE WITH CHRIS TO TIRAU TODAY Sunday 11/07/21. 5 riders today, not a large turnout but a great group of capable riders met at the startpoint, Z Bombay for a 10am leave. Hilton Toung who came up from Matamata to join us at the start point was there first, I was second rider to arrive, Brian Moorwood and Ross Corlett got there soon after me and we picked John Fraser aka FRIZZ up along the way.

We took the southern motorway picking FRIZZ up at Te Kauwhata, stayed on the motorway until Ohinewai where we turned off. Yippee, dry roads and no fog this week so we stretched our legs a little. Legalish speeds were maintained I promise!! We had a regroup in Morrinsville, along to Kiwitahi, took the Morrinsville-Walton road, turned off towards Richmond Downs on Piakoiti Road, into the back of Matamata via Papaiti and Morgan road, which connects up with Peria Road. Went past Hilton's house and pulled in and had lunch at Ronnies cafe, an old favourite of many of us.

After a quick lunch we took off again bound for Te Waihou spings between Tirau and Putaruru. If any of you out there have not been to these springs, also known as the Blue springs, it is well worth the trip. I managed to find a couple of new roads for most of the riders in the group so I was pleased about that. It is getting harder and harder to do but I will bite the bullet and keep on trying. We got off our bikes and took the well maintained walkway to have a look at the springs. The parking can be a bit of a lottery as to whether you get a space, but it is well worthing chancing it. Pretty popular spot!!

We came back using the same roads but in reverse order, with a fuel stop at the Gull station in Matamata. Hilton peeled off as we passed his house again, FRIZZ left us a short while later, only 3 of us left in the group. We decided we wouldn't bother with an aftermatch before we left Matamata to try and beat some of the traffic along the way. I was a little saddle sore when I got home, without taking a break for the last hour and a half. Was a great day, although thermals were needed and we all had fun and made it home safely. 370 Kms for me door to door. Can't think of a more enjoyable way to spend a fine winter Sunday.

Writeup and photos by Chris Moller.