About Us

Why ‘Ulysses’?

Where does the name "Ulysses" come from?

The name originates from a poem of the same title by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It tells how the great Greek hero Ulysses, now middle-aged and securely in charge of his kingdom of Ithaca, becomes bored, and longs to go adventuring with his shipmates of old. It describes well the type of person who still has enough spark to continue riding into middle, even later years.

Origins and Scope

The club was established in Australia in 1983, a number of New Zealanders at first joined through Australia. As the New Zealand numbers grew a branch was formed here to look after the club.

When numbers reached around four hundred, The Ulysses Club of New Zealand Incorporated was formed with a National Committee. As of May 2014 active membership is well over three thousand and thirty branches have been established to arrange regional activities.


  • To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
  • To show by example that motorcycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders and pillions of all ages.
  • To draw the attention of public and private institutions to the needs and views of older riders.

Who we are and what we do

The Auckland branch of The Ulysses Club of NZ Inc. covers the area North to the northern shore of the Waitemata Harbour from Devonport to Limeburners Bay (West of Hobsonville) and through to Hobsonville Road, South to Mercer, East to Maungatawhiri and to the coast at Kaiaua.  We are a Social Club for people who have an interest in motorcycling. We welcome anyone wishing to join who is over 40 years old and who holds a motorcycle licence. Our rules allow exceptions in special cases.

Runs are organised for every weekend, with overnight runs and other events arranged occasionally.  Contact the Runs Co-ordinator or see the Runs List for details.  Out of town members and visitors are always welcome to all runs and events. 

Club Night is the first Monday of every month except January at the Manukau Cruising Club Rooms, Orpheus Place, Onehunga.  There are good meals for a very reasonable cost, lots of good conversation, raffles (the main prize is a $50.00 voucher for Motomail), at roughly 7:30pm  there are general Club announcements and entertainment from our Sheriff. Bringing the bike is optional, checking out the bikes in the car park is common (almost compulsory). Committee meetings are at the same venue the following Monday.

The main Auckland Branch charity run is the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust Charity Fundraising Ride, usually held on the second weekend of February each year.   Approximately $120,000 has been donated since February 1996. 

Our Remembrance Service Event is held the second weekend of each August. We meet at Taupo to remember old friends who have passed on. There are two main rides, the long ride leaves Auckland Saturday morning and travels to Rotorua (lunch). Everyone then meets at the Pohutu Geyserland car park for the Parade Ride to Taupo. A Parade Ride around Taupo with Police escort starts at 1:30 from the Taupo Events Centre and the non religious service is held at The Great Lakes Centre, Story Place Taupo at 2:00pm.  Badges are sold on the day. The Saturday night function is held at a venue in Taupo, starting at 8 pm  (arranged by Taupo Branch.). It is recommended that members make their accommodation bookings early as Taupo can be booked-out with this and other events happening.

How do I join?

With a motto like ours, you'll see that we're not too stand-offish, so we try and keep this simple.

First, make sure you understand the membership requrements.

Then you can  get in touch with us by:

  • Sending an email by clicking here, or
  • Leaving a message on the branch phone

or possibly the best option

  •  Turn up at one of the club social nights, (first Monday of the month at the Manukau Crusing club, Onehunga) introduce yourself and say you want to join.

What are the membership requirements?

  1. You must be over 40.
  2. You must have a current motorbike license
  3. You must be sponsored by an existing club member or the Branch President

There are some exemptions to some of  these requirements, if your spouse is a member, if you ride a trike on a car licence or if you can prove a long-standing involvement in motorcycling discuss your situation with the Branch President. 

Events can be:

  • The club social night.
  • A ride organised by the club
  • A charity event supported by the club eg. BRONZ Toy Run, Red Knights Burns Run
  • A rally

See the  Events & Runs page on this site to see what is coming up.