Native Tree 4 Jul

Sunday 04/07/21 - NATIVE TREE CAFE WITH OLE. 8 hardy riders  met at Bombay Z, this morning on a brisk but clear day. 4°C when we got there, to say it was a bit "chilly round ze villy" was a bit of an understatement.  We left a little late this morning, thanks to a new rider who ariived just on 10:00am and needed to make a comfort stop before we could get on our way.  Don't forget guys, ride protocol says we should be at the start point 10 minutes early with a full tank and an empty bladder!! We don't want to anger anyone.

We headed up through Bombay along Paparata Road and wiggled our way along the ridge and down into Lyons Road where we intersected with the old Highwy 2.  We took things fairly steadily, with lots of moss on the road and lots of fog until we got to Matahura Road round the back of the forest at Maramarua.  We had a quick regroup at the hall.  We carried on down to the Ohinewai-Tahuna Road, where we stretched our legs a little, into Tahuna where we turned onto Highway 27 and carried straight on to the Native Tree cafe for a much anticipated pie and delicious coffee.  Damn those pies are good, something to be said for Kiwi cafes that make "home made pies".  You just can't beat it on a chilly day.  As always, the service was great, coffee delicious and pies sublime. Was that what brought you out of the woodwork Chris Di Allatt on your shiny new bike.  Was great to see you mate, I'm sure you weren't showing off, its just not in your nature, besides Dianne doesn't quite approve yet, does she??  Are you looking for Brownie points by going home early??

After lunch we took the direct route home and stopped at Kaiaua for yet another comfort stop, must be something about the cool weather, surely nothing to do with rider age!!  From there we took Kaiaua road, through Mangatanigi and down to the Autobahn for yet another chin wag and coffee stop.  Was another great day, with great mates and shiny bikes.  Thanks Ole Falkenhaug for another well run and well enjoyed ride.  228Km's for me door to door.

Writeup and photos by Chris Moller.