Saturday 10th August 2024, 2:00 pm at Great Lake Centre, Taupō (Tongariro North Domain, Story Place, Taupō)

Ulysses Auckland Branch, in association with Ulysses Taupō Branch, invite all Ulyssians to come together at our annual Remembrance Service and remember members who have passed away.

If you intend on staying in Taupō, please make your own accommodation arrangements. Evening meals are available at the Taupō Cosmopolitan Club. An organized social event is intended for the Saturday evening. Once planning is finalized, details will be available on the Auckland Ulysses website.

Badges and Patches will be sold on the day, both at the morning organized Taupō ride and at the venue. Hot drinks and biscuits will be available in the main foyer on your arrival in the afternoon. A donation will be appreciated.

The Remembrance Service starts at 2pm, please be early so you can be seated in the hall before that time.

A group ride may be planned on Friday 9 August from Auckland to Taupō. Visit our website for updates on this.

A formal ride of respect through Taupō will be held on the day of the service. All ride details will be available in the Newsletter and website closer to the event.

Please plan and keep the weekend of the 10-11 August 2024 marked for this enduring annual event.

For questions, please contact Auckland Branch President Neville Kerr, or Peggy O’Neal. Please also keep visiting our website for further information.

To help you book your branch Remembrance Service calendars in the future, the North Island Remembrance Service is in Taupō every second Saturday of August.