Events & Runs

Important Runs Information

For all rides, please be at the departure point no later than 15 m before the nominated start time with a FULL GAS TANK and an EMPTY BLADDER. If you are not sure if the run may be cancelled because of inclement weather phone the RIC before leaving home.

Ride format

SHORT: 150 km, MEDIUM: 150 - 300 km, LONG: 300 - 500 km, XTRA/LONG: Over 500 km.

CRUISE: These runs, usually monthly on a Saturday are offered at a more leisurely pace and of short distance.

ANYONE: A ride for any Club member, noting that you are to assess your own capability in relation to the RIC of the day, the destination and likely distance.

EXPERIENCED: Intended for experienced riders only as less than sufficiently experienced riders may find these rides too challenging.

Each RIC will carry a Mobile Phone for emergencies. You will be required to provide your own details and an ICE contact details on arrival and before the ride briefing.

Ulysses Auckland Branch Covid framework response
In November I circulated an email throughout our membership outlining options for how we could operate under the traffic light framework. I asked for feedback on this issue.
I have also talked to several members who are actively participating in our rides. All of this information was brought to committee last Monday where we thrashed out a plan which we feel offers both safety to our vulnerable and at risk members and offers the maximum participation possible under the current framework.
Within our branch we have a range of positions from the Antivax and noncompliance of government safety measures, through to our medically vulnerable members and those whose wish is to stay as safe as possible. Unfortunately, as a branch accomodating people from from either end of this scale at the same event does not look possible.
The feedback I did receive was almost totally from members who wanted to keep as safe as possible. Some members are not comfortable attending rides, club nights and social events at this stage. Most members were keen to participate but only (or preferred) a vaccinated only environment.
Whilst we are in a traffic light red or orange situation, we have no choice but to comply with the government regulations. This means that Branch nights, social events and larger rides have to be for double vaccinated attendees only. Manukau Cruising Club are only able to operate by using vaccine passes.
This leaves the smaller rides i.e. less than 25 people (outdoors). The committee have unanimously agreed that these too should be for vaccinated riders only. The main driving factor behind this decision was to offer runs and events that allow for the maximum participation of members in a manner which everyone is kept as safe as practicable. It provides an environment where the vulnerable and cautious amongst us can engage in club activities.
This will come into effect when the country switches over to the traffic light system on December 3rd, and it will be reviewed as we drop down the levels in the future.

Ride Guidelines (revised version 17th May 2021)

•        The RIC (Rider in Charge) oversees the ride.  The RIC will always do a "Riders’ brief" explaining the route, use of corner markers, destination and appoint a TEC (Tail End Charlie).  Pay attention.  You are responsible for your ride.  Know the terms of the ride and the protocols.

•        Less experienced riders ride towards the rear -   the TEC will bring up the rear.  Corner markers and regroup stops will prevent people getting lost.  You may ask to, or choose of your own will, to ride behind the TEC, perhaps with a buddy rider.

•        Overtaking is allowed - where it is safe and legal to do so.  Overtaking should be done individually, do not blindly follow the rider ahead. If you pass the RIC you are deemed to have "left the ride".

•        Ride in staggered formation where possible - except through corners. Be considerate and give each other space.

•        If the group needs or has to stop, irrespective of where the RIC stops, ensure you locate yourself in a safe stopping place.  Ensure you do not lengthen the stopped tail where the sight line is inadequate for a safe stopping distance for those coming behind.  All compulsory stops are to be complied with (meaning “we stop at Stop signs”).

•        If you plan to leave the ride, please advise the RIC or TEC - we do not want to go looking for you.  Be considerate.

•        Ride your own ride - do not feel pressured into riding outside your comfort zone. In all situations, you are responsible for yourself.  Please ensure you are sufficiently self informed, capable and competent, to enjoy the ride.  You alone have this responsibility.  Be always aware whilst on the ride of what is around you.

•        Enjoy yourself and have fun - that is what it is all about.

RIC Contact List

Please read the Guide to Staggered Formation before going on any of our organised rides.

Need a Printable copy of the latest RUNS LIST? CLICK HERE to download.

  • Sunday 23 January

  • Ole is RIC - Phone 09 299 3705 or 021 214 3323. Departs Bombay Z 10-00am
    Date: Sun 23 Jan 2022
  • Tuesday 25 January

  • Pick Destination on the day. Kevin Piper is the RIC. Tony Kay is the coordinator. 020 414 85160. Departs Papakura Service Centre 10-30am
    Date: Tue 25 Jan 2022
  • Thursday 27 January

  • Venue: RSA Papakura, Elliott Street, Papakura
    Date: Thu 27 Jan 2022
  • Sunday 30 January

  • Vance is RIC - Phone 09 278 7229 or 021 023 83498. Departs Bombay Z 10-00am
    Date: Sun 30 Jan 2022
  • Tuesday 1 February

  • Pick Destination on the day. Bob Watters is RIC. Tony Kay is the coordinator. 020 414 85160. Departs Papakura Service Centre 10-30am
    Date: Tue 01 Feb 2022
  • Monday 7 February

  • Branch meeting, Manukau Cruising Club. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm.
    Date: Mon 07 Feb 2022
  • Tuesday 8 February

  • Tony Kay is the coordinator. 020 414 85160. The longer ride leaves at 10 am. RIC for the longer ride is Dave Potter (taking us on the Coromandel Loop clockwise). The usual ride leaves at 10:30 am. Both depart Papakura Service Centre. Shorter ride destination will be announced on the day.
    Date: Tue 08 Feb 2022
  • Tuesday 15 February

  • Pick Destination on the day. RIC is Lou Waller. Tony Kay is the coordinator. 020 414 85160. Departs Papakura Service Centre 10-30am
    Date: Tue 15 Feb 2022