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Important Runs Information

For all rides, please be at the departure point 10 Minutes early with a FULL GAS TANK and an EMPTY BLADDER. If you are not sure if the run may be cancelled because of inclement weather phone the RIC before leaving home.


SHORT: 150 km, MEDIUM: 150 - 300 km, LONG: 300 - 500 km, XTRA/LONG: Over 500 km.

CRUISE: Inexperienced riders should be at the front, behind the RIC. All riders use their mirrors to keep an eye on the person behind. If they fall behind, slow down. When everyone does this the group will stay together.

ANYONE: Experienced riders will usually be at the front, behind the RIC. Inexperienced riders catch-up when/if possible.

EXPERIENCED: Experienced riders will be at the front, behind the RIC. Inexperienced riders should talk to the RC or RIC before signing on.

Each RIC will carry a Mobile Phone for emergencies. In an emergency use the number listed next to the relevant RIC.

RIC Contact List

Please click on these links and read our Branch’s Club Ride Guidelines and the Guide to Staggered Formation before going on any of our organised rides.

Need a Printable copy of the latest RUNS LIST? CLICK HERE to download.

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