Starting point Warehouse Covered Carpark, Albany
Distance 238 km
Gravel None
Petrol Available at Dairy Flat, Kaukapakapa, Wellsford, Te Hana, Kaiwaka, Maungaturoto, Paparoa, Bream Bay, Waipu, Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai
Toilets Available at Kaukapakapa, Wellsford, Waipu, Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai
Lunch Waipu or Waipu Cove

The road between Paparoa and Oakleigh is 40 km of gently winding road with generally good surfaces and views over the countryside. There is rarely other traffic. This is close to motorcycling heaven. The road from Waipu to Wellsford (or Dome Valley) is also a lovely road for motorcyclists, but there is usually other traffic and limited opportunities to pass.

Suggested route

  Warehouse covered carpark on Coliseum Drive. Head towards Albany Expressway.  
  ↓200 m  
Turn right onto Albany Expressway. This becomes Dairy Flat Highway.  
  ↕12.9 km  
  Turn left at the Caltex petrol station onto Kahikatea Flat Road.  
  ↕14.1 km  
There are toilets on the left as you enter Kaukapakapa. Turn right onto State Highway 16.  
  ↕47.3 km  
There are toilets at the junction of SH16 and SH1 in Wellsford. Turn left onto State Highway 1.
  ↕27.5 km  
Turn left onto State Highway 12.
  ↕19.5 km  
As of early April 2019, there are several sections of the Paparoa-Oakleigh road with new seal. As you approach Paparoa, turn right onto the Paparoa-Oakleigh Road.  
  ↕32.5 km  
  Turn right at the T junction onto Mangapai Road.  
  ↕8.0 km  
  Turn right at the T junction onto State Highway 1. Marsden Point refinery has a cafe as an alternative lunch stop, and Marsden Cove marina has a cafe too. To get to these places, turn off State Highway 1 at the roundabout 13.0 km south Mangapai Road.
  ↕28.1 km
Turn left onto Nova Scotia Road to Waipu.  
  ↕2.8 km  

If you're stopping at Waipu, turn right at the crossroads for the main town centre. There are public toilets just past the petrol station on the right. Return to the crossroads when you're done, and go straight ahead onto Cove Road.

The Cove Cafe is 8.0 km past the crossroads in Waipu Cove.

At the crossroads, turn left onto Cove Road.
  ↕18.8 km  
It can be easy to miss this turn. There's a sign to Mangawhai Heads. Turn left onto Mangawhai Heads Road.  
  ↕1.2 km  
The main shopping area at Mangawhai Heads is on Wood Street. Turn right 1.0 km after the roundabout. There's a petrol station on Wood Street. Turn right at the roundabout onto Molesworth Road. To visit Mangawhai Heads beach, go straight through the roundabout on Mangawhai Heads Road. After 400 metres, turn left onto Wintle Street and follow that for about 1.5 km.
  ↕5.0 km  
Turn left on Moir Street to go to the Mangawhai Tavern, which is a suitable lunch venue for large groups. There are several cafes around the Molesworth Road/Moir Street intersection. Turn right at Mangawhai onto Moir Street.
  ↕100 metres  
There's a petrol station at the junction of Moir Street and Insley. Turn left onto Insley Street. Insley becomes Tomarata Street and then Mangawhai Road.
  ↕12.7 km  
Turn right onto Waiteitai Road
  ↕8.1 km
At the T junction, turn right onto Whangaripo Valley Road, which becomes Matheson Road. If you're planning to take State Highway 1 back to Auckland, you can bypass Wellsford by turning left onto Wayby Valley Road 200 metres after turning onto Whangaripo Valley Road. Turn left onto SH1 after 5.9 km.
  ↕4.7 km  
Turn left onto State Highway 1 at Wellsford. To return to Auckland, either continue on State Highway 1 and take the toll motorway or bypass it through Orewa, or turn right in Wellsford onto State Highway 16.

To ride this route in reverse, follow the above directions to Wellsford. Turn right onto Matheson Road on the northern side of Wellsford, then left onto Waiteitei Road and head towards Mangawhai.


Marsden Cove marina
Marsden Cove marina
Mangawhai Heads
Mangawhai Heads