Starting point Papakura Autobahn
Distance 200 km
Gravel 1500 metres (optional)
Petrol Available at Morrinsville, Hampton Downs, Mercer, Pokeno
Toilets Available at Morrinsville, Mercer, Pokeno
Lunch Morrinsville

This route takes in a lot of Waikato countryside, with a good mix of twisty roads and more gentle riding. Morrinsville is a pleasant country town, with a very impressive Mega Cow sculpture, and the normal sized cows around the centre of Morrinsville, each brightly painted in unique designs, make this a town worth visiting. We usually eat at Ronnie's Cafe, 231 Thames Street, Morrinsville.

Suggested route

  Papakura BP at the Motorway Service Centre  
  27.9 km  
  Follow State Highway 1 south to Island Block Road, on the left.  
  10.9 km  
  Turn right at the T-junction onto Falls Road.  
  10.4 km  
  Turn left at the T-junction onto Waerenga Road.  
  1.2 km  
  Turn right at a crossroads into Taniwha Road.  
  1.0 km  
  At a junction where Taniwha Road turns left but another road goes straight on, turn left to stay on Taniwha
  17.3 km  
  Taniwha Road becomes Storey Road at a crossroads at Matahuru. Continue on Storey Road. At the T-junction, turn left onto Tahuna Road
  16.7 km  
  Turn left onto Quine Road. There's a sign before the turn saying "Kennel Turn Right 250 m".
  9.3 km  
  Turn right onto Morrinsville-Tahuna Road.
  10.8 km  
There are public toilets in the Countdown carpark. There are many cafes and petrol stations in Morrinsville. The town is notable for the many brightly coloured cow sculptures in the main shopping area. Morrinsville-Tahuna Road becomes Studholme Street. In Morrinsville, there's a Countdown supermarket with a large car park on the left which will usually have enough parking  
  100 m  
After lunch, continue south on Studholme Street, and turn right at the roundabout onto Thames Street.

  4.1 km  

About 650 metres along Thames Street/SH 26 is a giant cow sculpture, worth stopping for a photo at least the first time you visit Morrinsville.

Thames Street becomes State Highway 26. When SH 26 turns to the left, veer right / continue straight on Piako Road.  
  0.8 km  
  Turn right onto Matuku Road.  
  8.3 km  
  Turn left onto Tauhei Road.  
  12.5 km  
  Tauhei Road becomes Whitikahu Road. Turn right onto Tenfoot Road.  
  8.4 km  
  Turn left onto Orini Road.  
  2.7 km  
  Turn right onto Rutherfurd Road.  
  9.0 km  
  Turn left onto Tahuna Road.  
  10.6 km  
  At the first roundabout, take the first exit (proceed through) to stay on Tahuna Road. At the second roundabout, take the second exit (turn right) onto the motorway north. You can end the ride at this point, and just take the motorway back to Auckland.
  7.4 km  
  Take the Rangiriri exit from the motorway, and turn right at the end of the off ramp on Glen Murray Road towards Te Kauwhata.  
  2.0 km  
Rangiriri Paa is on the left on Te Kauwhata Road, and is worth a visit. The carpark can also be used for a ride debrief if you finish the ride at this point. Continue through the first roundabout onto Te Kauwhata Road. At the second roundabout, turn left onto Rodda Road.  
  3.4 km  
  Follow Rodda Road on the west side of the motorway. Turn right onto the bridge over the motorway. You can get onto the motorway north a few hundred metres along Rodda Road.
  5.5 km  
The petrol station another 100 metres along Hampton Downs Road is one of the cheapest in the area, but it's unstaffed and has no services. The bridge takes you to Whangamarino Road, which follows the motorway on the east side, veering away from it but then coming back, and becoming Hampton Downs Road when it crosses over the motorway again. Turn right onto the motorway north. Just before crossing the motorway onto Hampton Downs Road, you can take Foster Road on the right. After 1.2 km, turn left onto Springhill Road. There's 1500 metres of gravel road here, but it's easy gravel. 3.4 km along Springhill Road, Te Puea Road goes to the right and takes you through the town of Meremere (with speed bumps) to Island Block Road, or continue on Springhill Road to reconnect with the motorway north.
  14.0 km  
  Take the Pokeno exit from the motorway, and stop in the Pokeno shopping street for a ride debrief and icecream.  

To ride this route in reverse, start at the Papakura motorway service station and continue to Island Block Road, but turn right near the beginning of Island Block onto Te Puea Road, or continue on the motorway to Hampton Downs if you want to avoid the gravel. Finish at Pokeno as above.


Hunua falls Morrinsville big cow
Morrinsville cow Big cow at Morrinsville