Turua 3 Dec

The Tuesday ride. Well I can honestly say in 55 years of riding bikes I have never been in weather like we got this afternoon. 13 bikes left Papakura service center in nice weather although a bit windy. From then on it was down hill with the weather. The wind got stronger and stronger and we were all fighting to keep our bikes on the road. We made it to the cafe ok and talked about how hard it was to stay on the road. Over lunch the wind seemed to have dropped a bit. We left and headed for home. Well holy shit

When we got on the main road the wind hit from our right and it absolutely pissed down. No one had there wet gear on and by that time it was too late . A few stopped at Waitakaruru to shelter but I carried on and a few followed me. We battled our way across the straights to Miranda where we turned off up into the hills. A little less weather there until going down the other side the wind and rain hit with a vengence again (what a ride). We made it to Mangitawhiri and I went straight ahead to Lyoñs road and the others went on the motorway. I got into even worse weather on Lyons road and Paparimu road. Thought I wasn't coming home at one point.

Anyway I think we all got home safe and sound except that I have heard one rider got a puncture in all that shit weather. (Buggar)

Thanks to Bob Waters RIC and Sig TEC for a great ride. I for one will put that one down to experience.