Tairua 20 Oct

19 bikes on the ride today. Lou Waller led us over the usual nice back roads to Waitakaruru for our first regroup. Then over the Hauraki plains to Kopu and over the hill and onto Tairua for lunch at the Out of the Blue Cafe. After lunch we went back over the Kopu Hikuai road (always a nice ride) and on up to our final regroup at the Castle at Mangatawhiri. An excellent ride thanks to Lou Waller RIC and Charlie Tee TEC.

Point of interest, there was a new perspective member on the ride today who now owns one of our old riding mates and Auckland member #4924 Gary Hansford's Honda Blackbird. RIP Gary.

TEC's note: On the way back from Tairoa, I saw a panel come off the bike in front of me. It came to rest in the middle of the road. It was a pannier lid, rather large. I tried to carry it stuffed down my front but it was too big for that to be comfortable, so I taped it to the back of my bike with electrical tape. I wasn't able to catch up to the bike which had lost it, but I've notified the rider where it can be picked up from. The lid has a sheared catch and is unsurprisingly well scratched from the tumble along the road. It could probably be taped back into place until the rider can get a replacement.

Writeup by Chris Henderson with added note from Charlie Tee. Photos by Chris Henderson.