Tairua 13 Apr

19 riders today, and a few more came to socialise. Lou was supposed to lead but couldn't make it and organised Tony Kay
to take his place. Tony led us over the Kopu hill to Tairua for lunch. Nice roads as always, and it was 29 degrees in Tairua!

I was TEC. On Miranda Road, a group of bikes stopped. A rider had noticed a side bag on the bike in front of him had lost a strap and was dangling precariously. He signalled to the rider to pull over. Ole came back to see why we'd
stopped, and he led the other riders in this group on to the regroup point while I stayed with the rider with the misbehaving bag. I offered to take the bag for him but the remaining strap was twisted and he couldn't undo it. I had cable ties and electrical tape to bind it to his bike, and so did he, so he strapped it up and I then led him to the regroup point. The bag made another bid for freedom, so at that point we managed to get the remaining strap undone, and found another rider who lived close to the first to take it in his topbox. Small problem, easy fix!

Writeup and photos by Charlie Tee.