Pukemokemoke 10 Mar

Twelve riders today, and one other who came to socialise with us. We've adopted a fist bump instead of shaking hands in greeting. It's probably somewhat effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 (you probably don't touch your face with your knuckles very much), and keeps us all aware of the need to be careful about contact with other people.

Kevin Piper took us to the Willow Glen cafe in Gordonton, with a stop at Noe-o-Tainui Hall on Tahuna Road, and another down a short gravel road at Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve. There was a loop walk to the top of Pukemokemoke, and I took this to enjoy the view from the summit, then joined the others at lunch.

On the way home, we took the new motorway bypass of Huntly, and some of us stopped off at Pokeno for an ice-cream and farewell fist-bump.