Pirongia 9 Feb

15 riders today, plus a few talkers. John Hinds led us to Pirongia. He's going on to the Burt Munro. People made their own way home afterwards.

I went to explore the gravel road running from Limeworks Loop Road to Waitotuna. I was told this is benign gravel, so I took my touring bike. I had second thoughts almost immediately on getting to the gravel. The gravel itself was fine, but the road was heavily corrugated. I continued, and after a few kilometres the other side of the road was covered in newly dumped deep metal. I continued, and the deep metal started to encroach on my side of the road. I would have turned around, but at this point the road was steep and narrow and I wasn't sure I'd be able to turn, so I continued over the deep gravel. Fortunately, it didn't go on for long, but a short distance later the deep gravel started again. I was able to turn around at that point, so I retraced my route, perhaps a little bit wiser.