Native Tree 15 Dec

Writeup by Chris Henderson:

23 bikes left the Papakura service center today headed for Te Aroha. Bob Watters led us over those nice Waikato roads to our usual stop and regroup place the Matahuru.Waiterrrimu Hall.

After a bit of discussion some of the group including myself decided on a shorter ride. So 13 bikes turned left at Tahuna and the rest turned right and headed for Te Aroha. So 13 riders had lunch at the Native Tree Cafe.

After lunch it was decided we would go back through Miranda to Kaiaua and meet at the public loo's where we would say our goodbyes. Not sure what happen'd but that didn't. The end result was 6 of us headed home via Mangatangi Mangatawhiri and Bombay. It was a good ride on a nice day but a bit confusing . Thanks to RIC's Bob Watters and Sig Falkenhaug and TEC Tony Kay.

Addendum by Charlie Tee:

On the way, we had a little mishap at a T junction where we were turning left. One rider stopped because they could not see approaching traffic clearly, and the rider behind was looking at the traffic and not in front. There was a minor collision between the bikes, and the rider behind lost balance and perhaps some dignity.

Those of us who went to Te Aroha left corner markers as we went, but the TEC saw empty roads ahead once the other riders had turned off for Native Tree and decided to go with them. Our corner markers gathered themselves after a decent interval, so we all made it to Te Aroha for lunch. Stunning weather today, a great turnout, and good choice of route by Bob.

Photos by Chris Henderson.