Morrinsville 8 Aug

Who would have thought yesterday would turn out 'sunny'! The Saturday cruise turned out to be just that. 3 cruisers on some great long roads, just perfect.

We departed Z Bombay and travelled via Island Block Road through to Waerenga, then on to Morrinsville. We met "Ron", a Waikato HOG member, and he invited us into his garage to have a look at his new Ultra Glide CVO. What a beast.

Onwards after that to our lunch destination. We didn't see any of the 'little people' this time but there were many tourists hoping to. The Shires Cafe was a lovely venue and the food we ordered was good. We waited for a passing shower to end before heading off on our homeward journey.

The old Huntly road was hassle free, not a lot of traffic there anymore. Pulling into Mercer we topped up the bikes and ourselves as well (at the Muddy). Finally, we all made our own way home. A leisurely 318km cruise 🤙 - Sheryl

Writeup and pictures by Sheryl Boyd.