Hopin Stopin 29 Jan

10 bikes on the ride today, Charlie gave us the choice of a long ride to Raglan or a shorter ride to Te Kauwhata but around the lake first, It was decided it would be the short ride.Charlie led us down the motorway to Island block Road then the usual Waikato back roads to Te Kauwhata for lunch. Our usual Bakery/Cafe was closed and the one across the road (the smaller one) was full so after some discussion it was decided that we would go to the Hop In Stop In Taupiri, At that point John Hinds took over as RIC and led us through Orini to the Cafe, Lunch ended up being a little late but all was good. It was 35 Degrees in Taupiri. I left the ride at that point and headed for home (too bloody hot for me)! Not sure what went on after that. Thanks to Charlie Truell RIC and Sig Falkenhaug TEC for a great day out.

Photos by Chris Henderson