East Auckland 12 Mar

Eight riders today, and I took them on an experimental ride through south-east Auckland with the aim of going to places that these people who know the area well had never been to before. One rider decided this idea didn't appeal and pulled out after the first stop.

Our first stop was at Maketu Waterfall, accessible from an unmarked track opposite the cemetery in Pratts Road, Ramarama. Most of the group had not been here before. The track is quite rough but the waterfall is secluded and peaceful. We were the only people there.

Next up was Pukekiwiriki Pa on Red Hill Road. There were roadworks stopping us from parking at the entrance to the reserve but we were able to park just around the corner. The track up to the pa site was a bit muddy and slippery but we negotiated it without problems. There's nothing left of the pa apart from some kumera pits but the views over the countryside are good. None of the group had been there before, and again we were the only people there.

On to Lime Tree Cafe in Whitford for lunch. This is usually a very good cafe but today they had a backlog of orders, and we waited a long time for our food and drinks. No worries, the banter between us was good. However, as it was already 2 pm by the time we'd finished lunch, we decided to end the ride although I had more stops planned.

Thanks to Sig Falkenhaug for being TEC, and to Lou Waller for guarding the bikes for us at the stops.

Some of the photos were taken by Chris Henderson.