Cambridge 21 Feb

Sunday, 21/02/21, Cambridge with Chris. What a beautiful morning it was, the sun was shining, the roads were calling, come out for a ride, come out for a ride, what's a guy to do but obey the siren's call ?!! 17 bikes were assembled at the Z Bombay, 2 with pillions. 2 riders came along to say hello, but not join us, they fancied a shorter ride today, thanks Audie Ayris and Maurie. 3 who joined the group after travelling up to join us, Trevor Birchall and Chris Di Allatt from Waihi / Thames Valley and my old mate Hilton Toung from Matamata. Jonn Fraser better known as Frizz was also there. We also had a couple of members from North Harbour, Linda Bleasdale and Kal who came along to join in the fun.

We had a quick briefing, and climbed aboard our bikes bound for the motorway. We travelled south on the motorway as far at the Ohinewai turnoff, thanks in advance to all the guys who willingly marked the corners when I directed them to, such willing helpers certainly make the ride run smoothly and add to everyone's enjoyment. After the obligatory squirt at legalish speeds along the Ohinewai/Tahuna road, we had a quick regroup at Tahuna.

Rod Goldsmith's eagle eyes spotted a wallet on the side of the road. Being the upstanding law abiding and gentlemanly guy he is, picked it intending to hand it into the nearest police station. We stopped for a potty stop at Morrinsville, what a bonus, the owner of the wallet happened to live just a couple of streets away. While the rest of us made use of the facilities, Rod delivered the wallet to its rightful owner. Thanks mate, gives our club a great image.

We got back on the road and headed towards Tauwhare, through Scotsmans Valley, onto Chepmell Road, Waterworks Road, then French Pass. We eventually ending up down in Whitehall. What stunning views we were treated to from the top of the hill today. We proceed down Whitehall Road to Karapiro Road, where turned on to Highway 1 for a short time. We turned left andcrossed the dam, through Leamington, onto Cambridge road heading towards Monovale and the blue berry Cafe. It was now nearly 1 o'clock and the worms were biting, we were all ready for lunch. The girls were very pleasant, and the food delicious. It is not the cheapest though, at least the quality is great and the girls pretty.

After lunch our group home was somewhat depleted, with the non-Aucklanders making tracks for home. we stopped for fuel at the Z in on 1B at Cambridge then stayed on 1B to Taupiri, where we joined the Expressway. Most of us were wanting to get home and out of the heat. We stopped for a coffee and chin wag at the Bombay Autobahn, said our goodbyes and began the final homeward bound leg. Door to door for me and my trusty pillion today, 335Kms. What a day, filled with good mates, great roads, perfect weather and most of all fantastic riding. Keep the shiny side up and enjoy your riding.

Writeup and photos by Chris Moller.