Auckland Botanic Gardens 28 Nov

Botanic Gardens and sculpture exhibition.

A dozen or so members gathered together in the café of the Botanic gardens. We had to wait to get in because a fire alarm at the time kept us waiting outside for a few minutes.

After that we truly enjoyed each other company and the sculpture display in the gardens. Every two years there are new ones to admire.

This was not only the last cultural day this year but also the last one that Charlie will organise.

He invites everyone to take over from him who feels that we are missing out on those very social days. We are in principal a social club….! Other ideas are also welcome to do together with our partners and possibly without our motorbikes.

Thanks you very much, Charlie, for organising these wonderful days; both for the Auckland as the North Harbour branch. We are truly one and the same club.

Writeup and photos by John Heebink.