2021 AGM Minutes

Ulysses Club of NZ Inc, Auckland Branch

Minutes of the 32nd (for year 2021) Annual General Meeting

Location: The Manukau Cruising Club, Orpheus Drive, Onehunga, Auckland

Date and time: 3rd May 2021 at 7.30 p.m.

 1. Branch President’s Welcome and Introductory Comments

Craig Moodie welcomed attendees to the Branch AGM for 2021 and explained the slippage in meeting dates owing to Covid-19 restrictions imposed.

 2. Attendance and Apologies

The 32nd AGM was attended by 48 Auckland Branch members, including committee members - Peggy O’Neal (#2849), Craig Moodie (#8602), Tony Kay (9940), Sig Falkenhaug (#6587), Sheryl Boyd (#9443), Vance Barrett (#5897) Ian Methven (#7764) and Mark Benton (#8668).

Apologies were received from – Chris Moller (Committee member), Kay Hinds, John Hinds, Jude Burrows, Greg Ogg, Katrena Keane and Merv Hopkinson.

 3. Acceptance of Minutes of 31st Ulysses Club, Auckland Branch AGM held
on 3rd March 2020
There were no matters arising from the Minutes present for the 31st Branch AGM.

Acceptance moved by Clive Thomas (#2383)
Seconded Ian Methven (#7764)
Unanimous confirmation 

 4. President’s Annual Report for the previous year
There were no matters arising from the President’s Report.

Acceptance moved by Clive Thomas (#2383)
Seconded Peggy O’Neal (#2849)
Unanimous confirmation

 5. Auckland Branch Financial Report Year Ending 31/12/2020
The Branch Treasurer briefly described the closing financial position for the Branch as at 31st December 2020. There were no matters arising.

Acceptance moved by Bob Leeper (#4490)
Seconded Paul Richardson (#3672)
Unanimous confirmation 

 6. General Business
There was no general business presented to the AGM. 
 7. Election of Officers and Committee Members for 2021/2022
The Branch President thanked the retiring Committee and all members for their support of the Club. Craig then declared all committee positions being vacant and proposed to appoint Terry Brown, Member #3212, to conduct the election of the new Committee.
Moved Craig Moodie (#8602)
Seconded Peggy O’Neal (#2849)
Unanimously accepted

Terry then took over the chairing of the meeting thanking Craig and all members. He declared all committee positions vacant and presented the
following uncontested nominations for roles for the forward year:

  • President Craig Moodie (#8602)
  • Vice President Mark Benton (#8668)
  • Tony Kay Branch Secretary (#9940)
  • Sig Falkenhaug Branch Treasurer (#6587)

These positions were moved as being accepted:
Moved Clive Thomas (#2383)
Seconded Ian Methven (#7764)
Unanimous acceptance

Terry then moved to the election of Committee members for the forward year and presented the nominations received:

  • Sheryl Boyd (#9443)
  • Peggy O’Neal (#2849)
  • Vance Barrett (#5897)
  • Chris Moller (#5401)

Acceptance of these positions:
Moved Bob Leeper (#4490)
Seconded. Paul Richardson (#3672)
Unanimous acceptance

Terry then handed to meeting to Craig Moodie as the Branch President. 

 8. 2021/2022 President’s Acceptance Speech
Craig discussed the roles of the Committee and the assistance needed. Particularly, Sig Falkenhaug as Treasurer and Chris Moller as Rides Coordinator have signalled their intentions to stand down from Committee at the end of the current year. New blood is needed on the committee.

National is to introduce new systems promoting membership joining and membership renewals.

For the Auckland Branch, Craig exampled the focus as being rides and social events. A charity event is being considered. We can look forward to a good year ahead.

Craig thanked Ian for his assistance over the last year as Vice President and welcomed Mark as the incumbent to this role.

 9. Confirmation of the 33rd Auckland Branch AGM as follows:
Location: The Manukau Cruising Club, Orpheus Drive, Onehunga, Auckland
Date: 7th March 2022 at 7.30 p.m.
  AGM Meeting closed at 7.48 p.m.

32nd AGM Minutes recorded by Tony Kay (#9940), Ulysses Auckland Branch Secretary